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Purposeful Deviation

Conversation Starter 3

Conversation Starter 3

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Purchase this image and join in the conversation in reviews !!  What would be said if Snow White and Sleeping Beauty had a conversation about their heights?

If Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were having a conversation about their heights, it might go something like this:

Snow White: "You know, Sleeping Beauty, I've always wished I were a bit taller. I mean, being petite has its charm, but sometimes it's hard to reach things on high shelves, and I feel like I have to look up at everyone."

Sleeping Beauty: "I understand what you mean, Snow White. I've had the opposite problem. I've always been on the taller side, and sometimes it's made me feel a bit self-conscious. I wish I were a little shorter so I could blend in with the crowd more easily."

Snow White: "Well, they do say that the grass is always greener on the other side. Maybe we should just embrace our heights and be proud of who we are. After all, it's our personalities and inner qualities that truly matter."

Sleeping Beauty: "You're absolutely right, Snow White. Let's focus on being the best versions of ourselves and not worry too much about our heights."

In the end, the conversation might lead them to appreciate their unique qualities and learn to love themselves just as they are, rather than wishing to be taller or shorter.

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If you want to have fun with this and leave your comments, perspective or just read the ideas or imagination of others leave them here or follow this link to YouTube for more conversation 

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