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Purposeful Deviation

The SWAK* Challenge (One Time Only)

The SWAK* Challenge (One Time Only)

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Can you put your money where your kind words are?

To someone unknown?

Being curious to see what comes of it?

This is a digital product to you, but a very real product to the recipient.   Choose a 'kind words' option OR write your kind words in 'Order Special Instructions' at checkout and be sure to include your personalized 'SWAK' = The contact details you want to share with the recipient.   Your name or social media name PLUS your hometown or the business that you represent.

*SWAK = Sealed With A Kiss (or Kindness)

Your message will be delivered as a postcard with postage included.   Like a message in a bottle tossed out to sea, random by nature it will turn up in the hands of a person near a body of water at a random time, unknown by yourself and the delivery person of Purposeful Deviation.   

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