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Purposeful Deviation

Conversation Starter 1

Conversation Starter 1

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Purchase this image and join in the conversation in reviews !! A pirate and a lawyer have a conversation about who in the world is special and why ...

Pirate: Arrr, matey! Ye see, in this vast world of ours, there be them folks who be special, and I reckon it's all about adventure on the high seas, it be! Them sailors and swashbucklers, they be special 'cause they live a life free from the rules and laws of the land, seekin' treasure and livin' by the wind.

Lawyer: Ah, but my good pirate friend, ye be overlookin' the importance of the rule o' law! In this world, the truly special ones are them lawyers and judges who uphold justice and order. They interpret and enforce the laws that keep society from descendin' into chaos. They be special because they ensure everyone gets a fair shake, and justice be served.

Pirate: Aye, I suppose there be some truth in that, but ain't adventure and freedom on the high seas a special callin'? Them lawyers, they be tied to their books and courts, while us pirates, we be explorin', discoverin', and livin' life to the fullest!

Lawyer: True, true, matey. But it's the balance between the adventurous spirit and the order of the law that makes this world a special place. Some may sail the open sea, and others may navigate the intricacies of justice. In the end, it's the diversity of pursuits and the people who pursue them that make our world truly special, arrr!

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If you want to have fun with this and leave your comments, perspective or just read the ideas or imagination of others comment here or follow this link    to You Tube for more conversation.
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