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Purposeful Deviation

Conversation Starter 4

Conversation Starter 4

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Purchase this image and join in the conversation in reviews !!  A fairy and a dragon have a conversation about what it means to them to discandy ... what would be said?

A fairy and a dragon have a conversation about what it means to them to discandy ...

The fairy and the dragon sat beneath a sparkling tree in the heart of a mystical forest, their conversation filled with enchantment.

Fairy: (Fluttering her wings) You know, dear dragon, I've often wondered what it truly means to "discandy." Humans use that word in so many different ways.

Dragon: (Exhaling a plume of smoke) Indeed, they do, my whimsical friend. To me, "discandy" sounds like the act of shedding one's tough outer scales and revealing the softer, more vulnerable self beneath.

Fairy: (Giggling) Oh, you big softy! But, in a way, you're right. It's like peeling away layers, allowing your inner essence to shine through. For me, it's about letting go of the weight of worldly worries and letting my magic flow freely.

Dragon: (Nodding) And what a beautiful magic it is! For me, discandying means unleashing the fire within, not just the flames of destruction but the warmth of compassion and understanding. It's about taming the wildness and harnessing it for good.

Fairy: (Smiling) Your fiery heart has always been a marvel, my scaly friend. So, do you think humans ever truly understand the concept of "discandying"?

Dragon: (Pausing) Well, some do, I believe. Those who seek inner growth and harmony often strive for it. But, alas, many are so caught up in their own ambitions and fears that they forget the beauty of it.

Fairy: (Sighing) That's true. It's a pity that humans often lose sight of the magic within themselves. Perhaps, if they spent more time in the company of creatures like us, they'd remember.

Dragon: (Chuckling) Yes, perhaps. But for now, we can continue to inspire them through our own actions. And who knows, one day they might truly understand what it means to discandy.

The fairy and the dragon shared a moment of quiet reflection, their ancient wisdom blending with their magical essence, hoping that the world would one day embrace the enchanting concept of "discandying" in all its beautiful forms.

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If you want to have fun with this and leave your comments, perspective or just read the ideas or imagination of others leave them here or follow this link to YouTube for more conversation 

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