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Purposeful Deviation

Conversation Starter 2

Conversation Starter 2

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Purchase this image and join in the conversation in reviews !! What would be said if an economist held the attention of the world for just 30 seconds ... ??

If an economist had just 30 seconds to capture the world's attention, they might choose to convey a concise yet impactful message related to a pressing economic issue or a fundamental economic principle. Here's a possible statement:

"Economic prosperity and sustainability require a balance between market-driven innovation and inclusive policies that prioritize social well-being. Let us strive for an equitable future where growth benefits all and safeguards our planet."

In this brief message, the economist touches on the importance of economic growth, equity, sustainability, and the role of both markets and policies in achieving these goals. It's a broad but concise statement that aims to convey a message relevant to a global audience.

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If you want to have fun with this and leave your comments, perspective or just read the ideas or imagination of others leave them here or follow this link to You Tube for more conversation



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